Strength Training while There's Still Time

10/16/23: 300pm workout

Zercher squats: 5x185
1+x225 hit 6 reps and called it as my back was starting to round a little on the ascent
FSL 10x185

Chest supported
t bar row (wide grip)
4x8 w/3 plates

Lat pulldown (close grip)
4x10 w/descending weight

Zercher shrugs: 4x6 @205 w/long pause each rep

Farmer carries w/105lb dbs - 2 ~75yard walks

good workout, felt great when I was done (great in that I got some quality work in)

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10/18/23: 530am workout

Military press: HDL set w/135, 5 reps, 20 sec rest, 4 reps, 20 sec rest, 3, 2, 1 . . did two sets of these

Incline db press: 4x10 w/70s

Dips: 3x20 w/ no added weight

Incline lateral raises: 3x12 w/25s
supersetted w/
Overhead tricep cable extension: 3x12

great shoulder pump, was almost painful for a few minutes

I’m going to do the HDL sets for press for 3 workouts before going back to the 8/5/2 weekly progression . . my question is should I add weight next week and do two HDL sets or would it be more beneficial to stay at 135 and add a 3rd HDL set?

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10/20/23: 600am workout

BB rows: 5x225
NG pull-ups: 40 total over several sets

SGHP: 6x3 @185 w/10 paused shrugs on the last set
due to time constraints I went with these as opposed to heavy trap bar deads and shrugs; glad I did, they felt really good and was happy with my form

Face pulls: 2x25

Machine bicep curls: 3x10

10/21/23: 700am workout

Bench: 5x195
5x+245, 11 reps

        5x10 @170

Chest flye machine: 3x12
Cable tricep pushdowns: 3x15

10/23/23: 300pm workout

Zercher squat:
3+x215 (8)
FSL: 8x175

BB rows:

Close grip pulldowns:
4x8 w/descending weight and rest pause reps on the last set

Zercher shrugs:
3x8 w/205 (long pause)

Face pulls & hammer curls superset

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10/25/23: 530am workout

Military press: HDL set w/135, 5 reps, 15 sec rest, 4 reps, 15 sec rest, 3, 2, 1 . . did three total sets this week

Incline db press: 4x10 w/70s

Dips: 3x25 w/ just BW

Incline lateral raises: 3x12 w/25s
supersetted w/
Face pulls: 3x15

wasn’t super motivated walking into the gym this morning but turned out to be a good session . . I like the incline laterals as I had a crazy good shoulder pump after them and the face pulls again . . protein and creatine shake and then a bacon and egg omelette with rye toast for breakfast

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10/28/23: 130pm workout

Trap bar deads (no straps):
work up to 3RM - 395
2 cluster sets w/345 (5reps each set)
2 HDL sets w/285

T bar rows: 4x8 w/3 plates

Close grip ez bar curls - 3 sets
supersetted w/
rear delt flyes - 3 sets

didn’t feel super yesterday and thus didn’t eat much and didn’t eat much this morning so wasn’t sure how this would go, those trap bar pulls were work . . wanted to replace them with BB rows as the main lift since they hit more whole body . . will stick with BB rows as more of a bodybuilding exercise for a little while and see what happens

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10/29/23: 100pm workout

Bench press:
3+x260 (9 reps)
5x10 @170

Overhead tri extension: 3x20
Incline lateral raises: 3x12
Face pulls: 3x15

10/31/23: 600pm workout

Snatch grip high pulls
8x3 w/205

BB rows

Close grip pulldowns
4x8,10,12,12 w/descending weight

Farmer carry
2-60ish yard walks w/100s

Rear delt machine row
3x10 each arm

enjoyed the evening workout as it seems (probably just mental) that I can push sets harder as opposed to early in the morning . . won’t be able to go in the evenings at all starting next week as the boy will have wrestling practice 4 nights a week

11/2/23: 545am workout

Military press:
1 HDL set (5,4,3,2,1) @145 and 2 HDL sets @135

Plate loaded incline press machine:
1x8 @90lbs each side, 2x10 @80, 1x12 @70

75 total BW dips

Incline lateral raises:
3x12 w/25s

Cable hammer curls:

I do dips with my shoulders rolled back and a slight forward lean but this morning I could really feel it in my upper back . . not sure if thats normal or not

11/4/23: 700am workout fasted

Trap bar deads:
work up to 2RM - 415
3 cluster sets (5 reps each) @375

T bar rows (wide grip): 3x8 w/3 plates + 10 & 1x8 w/2 plates + 25

Hammer Strength single arm plate loaded lat pulldown:
2x8 w/2 plates
1x10 w/45 + 35
1x12 w/45 + 25

Trap bar shrugs (paused): 2x8 w/285

was going to sleep in and go this afternoon after the boys practice but really glad I get up and knocked it out this morning, felt good . . 4 eggs, a lamb steak and a pumpernickel roll for breakfast

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11/5/23: 100pm workout

Bench press:
1+x275 (6 reps)
5x10 @170

Chest flye machine: 3x12

Incline lateral raises: 3x12
supersettted w/
Face pulls: 3x15

was hoping for 7 reps at 275 but not today . . couple weeks I’ll be there

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11/7/23: 530am workout . . . yeah buddy

SGHP: 8x3 @205 this felt heavier than last week but last week I lifted in the evening and when I lift early in the morning I have no food in me . . maybe thats why??

T bar row (wide grip): 5x max reps w/pyramiding weight
supersetted w/
Chins: 5x max reps @ BW (reps ranged from 8-12 each set)

Farmer carry: 2x 60ish yard walk w/100s

Cable hammer curls: 3x15

in and out of the gym in about 50-55 minutes

11/8/23: 530am workout

5x10x115 . . all 5 sets of these moved really fast

DB incline press:
4x10 w/descending weight starting at 85s

Incline lateral raises: 3x12 w/25s
supersetted w/
Rear delt raises: 3x12 w/30s

the 145 set for presses was supposed to be amrap but I was so focused on my bracing and form that I stopped at 5 . . next week will be amrap at 155 so I’ll get a better idea of where I’m at . . really going to be focused on form and positioning as any weight up to like 150 I can move fast and effortlessly but much above that and I stall so I’m thinking I need to look at my form

11/10/23: 10am workout

Trap bar deadlift: work up to 1RM - 455
3 cluster sets @395 (5 reps each set)

Neutral grip pull-ups: 51 total over 5 sets

T bar row: 2x7 w/3 plates
1x8 w/2 plates + 25
1x12 w/2 plates + 10

Trap bar shrugs: 2x10 @345

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11/11/23: noon workout

Bench press: 5x8 @225

Incline db: 1x8 @85
1x8 @80
1x8 @75
1x10 @70
drop set: 1x15 @50

Overhead tricep ext: 3x15
Face pulls: 3x15

in and out in about 40-45 minutes

11/13/23: 600pm workout

BB rows: 5x8 @225

Close grip lat pulldowns: 4x8 (2@200 & 2@180)

Seated row machine (neutral grip): 4x8

Farmer carries: 3-60ish yard walks w/100s
supersetted w/
Close grip cable curls: 3x15

a little under an hour . . felt it more in my forearms than my biceps at the end

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11/15/23: 530am workout

Military press:
3+x155 - got 6 reps but lost my brace between reps 3 and 4 as I started to get lightheaded . . man press is by far my weakest lift

5x10 @115

Incline lateral raises: density set of 50 reps
supersetted w/
CGBP: 3x12,10,10 @205

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11/18/23: 600am workout . . joined a new gym near the boys wrestling room so now I can go in the evenings while he’s at practice . . also bought Andy Bakers Powerbuilding program
and am committing a minimum of 15 weeks to this, no more bouncing around

Pull-ups (wide-grip): 50 total over 5 sets

Close grip pulldowns: 3x8, 12, 12 with descending weight

BB rows: 8x225, 2x10@205

Plate-loaded row machine (rear delt focus): 3x15 w/70lbs each side

Farmer carry: 2 short walks w/140lb each side + handles & 2 long walks w/110lb + handles

great workout, pumped about this new gym as it has newer/more equipment and some specialty bars like a log and Swiss bar


11/20/23: 600pm workout and Day 2 of Andy Bakers program

Incline BB bench:
3x8 @225

Db flat bench:
3x12, 12, 10 w/90s . . started too light as this was supposed to be a descending weight set and I was to only get about 8 reps the 1st set . . I’ll start with 100s next week

50 total over 2 sets . . will add weight next week

Behind the back cable later raises: 3x15 each arm

didn’t warm up much and the first set of 225 on incline felt really heavy, didn’t think I’d get 3 sets of 8 but the next two sets were actually easier . . upper back again tomorrow evening

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