Strength Training while There's Still Time

Lifted hard from about 2017-2020 then in 2020 we bought some property and moved some livestock in and the gym got put on pause up until this past June. Strength and size gains came back quicker than I expected but I’m also prioritizing getting enough sleep and enough protein this time around. 34 y/o so I want to hit it hard while I still can. Another motivation is my boy wrestled for the first time last year and is now playing football and is really into both. He’s 7 y/o and does pushups and pullups a couple times a week at home so I want to set a good example for him as well. Been lifting again since June of this year but I’ll start with Saturdays workout. About 5’ 10" and tipping the scales at around 212 currently.

Incline db press: 5x5 w/100s
Arnolds: 3x8 w/60s
Chest flyes: 3x15 @140
Cable overhead tricep extensions: 3x10 @60
BTN press: 50 rep set w/barbell +10s (65lb)

Paused BB rows: 5x5 @245 and a drop set of 1x10 @185
Weighted chinups: 3x6 w/25lb plate and 2x8 with no added weight
Paused trap bar shrugs: 3x12 @170
Farmer carries: 2 walks w/100s and 1 longer walk w/50s


9/20/23: early morning workout
Military press: 3x2 @170 & back off sets 3x12 @125
Dips: 3x12 w/45lb plate
Lateral raises: 1x12 w/25lb db & 2x15 w/20lb db
Face pulls: 3x15 @30
Tricep cable snapdowns: 3x15 @55

going to do a couple months of an 8-5-2 weekly wave with press . . progressing well so far


went to camp over the weekend with the family so went 4 days with no lifting . . felt good to get back to it yesterday

Zercher squats: 5x3 @225 then 1 set of Zercher shrugs with 155
Chest supported t bar row: 4x6 w/170lbs of added weight (3 plates and a 35)
Close grip pulldowns: 3x10 @140 w/ a pause at the bottom
Hang cleans: 3x8 @135 wanted to do this at the end for a little conditioning and a little more trap stimulus

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9/27/23: early morning workout
did press day today instead of incline dumbbells so I could stay on schedule with pressing

Military press: 3x8 @135 (felt good so I’ll bump up to 140 or 145 next 3x8 day)
Standing BTN press: 3x8 @115
Dips: 3x12 w/45lb plate
Laterals: 3x20 w/20lb db
Tricep cable snapdowns: 3x10 @60

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been doing some research and I think I’m going to run 3 months of 5/3/1 BBB for bench press . . still going to do 8/5/2 waves with press on my 2nd push day of the week