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Strength Training While on Chemo


Recently I found out I have lymphoma. Right now I am waiting on the results from a PET/CT scan but my oncologist thinks it may only be Stage I or II since I am currently asymptomatic other than some slight swelling on the right side of my neck.I also had a tonsillectomy on the right side which is how they confirmed the diagnosis. Has anyone dealt with this and how did you train around it?


Brother best wishes to you… I have no idea honestly how too advise you. My wife is a cancer survivor and from watching her go through Chemo you will have up and down days.


You are in my prayers!
I think it does depend on the course of action with the treatment you will receive. These days there are so many different ways doctors do treatments depending on stage and type. The stories you hear all depends on the person. Being active is wonderful however your rest will be valuable too. Cardio might be great not only to stay active but to clear your mind too. Best wishes!