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Strength Training vs Tension Depletion on AD


Have recently been training with the Texas Method of Training (found it over on stronglifts) whilst on the anabolic diet.

Monday - 4X6 total body, Tuesday - 45 min Spin Class (im a personal trainer and instructor before someone rips me a new arsehole! i wouldn't choose that sh*t, haha) Wednesday - Spin and 3X3 recovery workout (10% less weight than Monday), Saturday - 3 rep max prior to carb up. Strength has been going up (405lb rack pull for 3 at bodyweight of 178).

However, i read up on Lyle's stuff and am a bit confused as to whether the tension workouts would lead to a greater rate of fat loss :

Monday - total body 3X12, Tuesday - 45 min Spin class or 30 min intervals , Wednesday - Spin and 3 rep max (to keep up strength), Thursday and Friday 30 min incline walking and Saturday total body 12 rep workout prior to carb up.

What do you guys think? Should i try Lyle's style for something new? may lead to greater supersompensation due to higher rate of depletion?

Thanks in advance guys.


WTF are you talking about?

Stop all this nonsense and just start bodybuilding like a normal person.


The UD is a good plan, though I've never tried it (YET).

But why do you want to try such a sophisticated approach. How much fat do you need to lose? What's your experience? What are your stats and strength accomplishments?



Preach it brother.


Bricknyce - Well its kind of a personal challenge, to try and get down as low as i can, so i know what i look like really lean. Then im going to be putting on as much size as i can. Im currently about 178lbs just a few more pounds until im in single digits, im around 11/12% at the mo.

In terms of strength: (lbs)Rack Pulls: 407x3, Front Squats: 220x3, Flat Dbell Press 100x3, Chins (BW + 100 x 3), Row - 220x3. I can't deadlift or back squat as i've got a spinal condition which hinders me a bit. Been training seriously for the last year (before then was beach weights at uni). I know most people will say i should be tryin to get as big as i can, which i will be, but its good to try both extremes i think for experience, im only 23 so its good to try it all out.

I did go a bit over the top with the planning come to think of it. Just tryin to get the fat loss over and done with now so i can begin to put size on, so im lookin for the quickest way training wise. My strength has been increasing almost every week but the fat is dropping slowly, thats why i was thinking of goin with the tension workouts rather than pure strength as they'll deplete quicker leaving me in the ketogenice state for longer.
Whats your opinion?



LOL, Jesus Christ I was going to post the EXACT same thing, haha. I got halfway through the post and got dizzy.