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strength training the same day as explosive training

alot of powerlifters do these days seperate, could you not for example do your strength workout first then the explosive for instance do 2-3sets of 90% of 1RM then do 5 sets of 50-60% of 1RM with 3 reps each, the reason i think this could be useful is from doing that heavy weight it will make your explosive training feel lighter and your reps make actually have more speed, any thought about this

I wouldn’t really recommend this.

It would be in your best interests to read all of Dave Tate’s articles on this site, particularly “The Periodization Bible Part II”.

What you’re saying is true…that doing a “few” heavy sets will positively enhance subsequent dynamic sets. The drawback to this is that if you did enough volume in the heavier sets to really stimulate strength gains then you probably wouldn’t have much left for the dynamic work or be able to apply enough effort to really influence explosive development. Of course you can do this but probably won’t get the same gains as you would from splitting up the sessions. You could also train twice per day…Do a dynamic workout in the morning followed by a heavier workout 4-6 hours later or vice versa.

depends what you are doing for. if its power lifting maybe give it a go. if it is for an athlete i would recomend against it. seperate them out if possible check out DT articles