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Strength Training Program?


Which T-Nation program to you guys think would be best for a new guy how wants to improve his strength?


search 'Waterbury' in the search function...most programs by this man are what you are looking for....

btw, use the SEARCH FUNCTION :wink:


I did, What i'm really looking for is people's opionons of the programs based on thier own experience with actually doing the programs.

P.S right now i'm doing The Holiday Program by Alwyn Cosgrove


5x5 Dan John from the ground up search Ian King kick arse ozzy


What worked for me was Chad Waterbury's
10x3 concept. I applied it to all of my lifts: bench press, row, squat, deadlift, curl,...etc

"10x3 For Fat Loss":

"The Science Of 10x3":

Hope these help you like they did me.

Good luck,