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Strength Training Program


Hello everyone just wanted to get some opinions on my program to build general full body strength for football. Here goes:

Squat 5x5
alternating bench or overhead press 5x5
power cleans 5x5
or deadlifts 1x5
weighted dips 2x8
chins 3x8
weighted situps 3x10
weighted back extensions 3x10
glute ham raises 3x12

I would do this every other day,increasing the weight by 5lbs on the main movements if I got all the reps with good form.Does this look any good? I made this program based on my basic knowledge of lifting so any and all feedback would be awesome.
Though if anyone could turn me on to a program made for a high school lineman it would be much appreciated.Thanks for the help.


You shouldn't have all three main lifts in one day. I would checkout 5/3/1 for Football or West-Side for Skinny Bastards. Each of which are great programs. WS4SB is free, but 5/3/1 for football is around $30-35, but well worth it.

By the way, what are you current stats? Height? Weight? Best lifts?



Well i'm 5'6 158 and my best lifts are a 205 bench,300 deadlift,160 lb clean,285 squat and a 120 lb overhead press.By the way what are the main differences between regular 5/3/1 and 5/3/1 for football?