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strength training, no hypertrophy?

If I want to stay at my weight of 140lbs and only want to get stronger without hypertrophy is there any point of me doing sets of up to 10 reps with my supplement exercises or should I even do supplement work at all if I am only trying to gain strength?


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This is tricky, because you can put on muscle by doing sets of 3 and other strength-oriented training methods, so chances are you’ll gain weight no matter what you do.

Although not a popular man around here, take a look at some of Pavel’s systems (3-5, Grease the Groove) which are designed to gain strength without weight gain.

this is tricky…one thing you can do is try bullet proofing instead…this is ultra high reps and work done for time instead…try to keep the %'s under 30 so there is not true muscle contraction…try 3 sets of 33 reps for things lke pull downs, leg curls,good mornings, tricep push downs ect…this will help you to bullet proof your muscles form injury wiht out much muscle growth…bm

You might want to reconsider your decision to remain at 140. Because I’m only 5’4" and built on a truly lightweight skeleton, I lifted in the 60Kg/132# and then 67.5Kg/148# bodyweight classes, through what should have been my peak years. I should’ve moved up to the 75Kg/165# class, at least 20 years sooner than I did. Big mistake. In spite of my age (59) and megafucked delts, I look a little better and lift better at 165. If I was reasonably tall, I’d fill my freezer with dead cow and make a serious run at the 140Kg/308# class.
Right or wrong, most people–including almost all attractive females–will always believe that big is good and more bigger is more gooder. Small may be healthy, but it doesn’t spread any legs. “If you can’t live large, at least look big in the casket.”
Strength & courage,
“Coach Joe”

As Coach Joe says maybe you could consider moving up a class.

You haven’t stated why you need to remain at that weight. If you are a wrestler than the relative strength increases that gaining muscle mass would bring prob wouldn’t harm you. If you are a boxer then you might not want to be fighting people with a a height and reach advantage. I have had to do the same thing as a boxer as I have got bigger. At first I was worried that I’d not be able to cope with the naturally bigger guys but I learnt how to apapt my style to cope.
I can’t see any reason that better relative strength would hurt unless you are in some field like horse racing where being stronger relative to being light would hurt you.

Also try to reduce uneccessary weight like fat if you have any. Your diet will have a big influence on how much weight you gain. I don’t think it would be possible to gain weight on a diet if your calorific expenditure met your calorific intake.

You will be limited in strength gains by the amount of muscle mass you posses. There is a direct correlation between strength and muscle cross sectional area. In other words the more muscle you have the greater your potential for strength improvement. Now on to your question; CT?s super beast workout would fit your needs in that it would not create a large amount of hypertrophy however it will increase your strength like nothing else. The nutrition equation is often overlooked in skinny bastards who don?t want muscle mass but strength gains. Create a nutritional deficit basically the opposite of massive eating, not only will you gain strength but you will gain very little hypertrophy if any. Hope this helps, good luck.

Your diet has a greater influence.

Fat Panda I like Pavels stuff in fact I have all his books including his new naked warrior book (which is a good book).I think that the people that don?t like him have not read his books or articles. His workouts can be effective if applied properly.