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Strength Training Next to Skill Training


Hey alltogether,
I've been reading on T-Nation for a while and some questions have come up.
My problem is that I don't really now how to combine strength training with my skill training. I practice parkour by the way, you might have heard of it.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKgUfPK9WYY heres an example if you've never heard of it before.

The thing is that parkour already involves lots of jumping, climbing and stuff but on the other hand its not enough because your max-strength won't be trained THAT much, only to a certain level.

My problem now is how i should incorporate strength training to my pakour training. I never know how my training days turn out, because i always train different things. Sometimes I repeat jumps and sometimes I practice climbing routes and so on. I also like this kind of aspect, that I'm not forced into a routine in my parkour training.

Now, If I do strength training before my parkour training, my technique will suffer and jumps won't be executed properly. However, If I did strength training after skill training my body will already be exhausted and I won't have 100% strength and won't be able to go for maximum.

Would a training routine be even helpful in my case or should I just listen to my body? I'm not against program's, just against a program that tells me in my parkour training what to do. Of course, If my legs are exhausted I won't go out and start drilling 100 jumps, but you get my point.

I already thought about doing very little strength workout after training, like 5x5 Pullups and 5x5 Squats and thats it, but it seems insufficient to me.

Another thing is, do you advise only training for maximum strength in my case? My primary goals are protecting my body from the impects that are caused by parkour and of course a better performance and because I mostly use explosive movements I concluded that max-strength training, I'm using 5x5 by the way, is sufficient. Because if max-strength is depending somehow on muscle-size too, I am thinking about incorporating higher reps.

I think thats it so far, these questions are killing me since I don't know when.
Looking forward to your answers, oh and sorry for my grammar mistakes and so on, I'm from Germany


You probably don't train parkour everyday. Just go lift weights on your non parkour training days. And low rep heavy weight compounds ill work best for parkour. I suggest doing Mark Rippetoe Starting Strength


Pick something and do it. You can't be Spiderman and Hulk at the same time.

If you want to improve your explosive strength, I'd suggest a weighted vest while practicing.


Just skimmed your post. Saw parkour and I have a little advice. Get your core very strong so you can do flagpoles, planches, etc. Also get your cardio up, if you are serious about doing it.


hi guys thanks for your answers!

lifting on my non parkour days would be a way to go. would you suggest then something like monday - parkour, tuesday - weight training wednesday - off?

Practicing parkour with a weighted west seems to be to much impact for the joints in my opinion.


If you're worried about impact, why do parkour? And why would you want to weight train and get bigger? The extra body weight would only lead to more impact.

Like I said, you can't be Spidey and Hulk at the same time. Pick a main activity. When choosing other activities, keep your main activity in mind. If another activity is going to hamper your main activity, then don't do it.

Weight training is going to have very little carryover into parkour, and it might even hurt your performance.