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Strength Training in So. Cal


I am having trouble finding any "hardcore" gyms in San Diego. Everything out here seems to be a 24hr fitness. I know there are some good athletes that workout at 24hr, however I'm looking for a smaller gym that has chalk, loud music, chains, reverse hyper machine, and tough SOB's really TRAINING. Does such a place exist in the laid back So. Cal area?


i doubt this place will have bands and chains but its a hardcore gym. the worlds gym in pacific beach, you can see it off of I-5. there is some big bad muther fuckers in that place.


Check out the la lifting club...big m


Check out Kegrice Physique World in San Diego 2210 4th ave.ph#619-237-5438.I know of some hard core powerlifters who train there including the guy who owns the gym
Kegrice himself.


RIMAC gym at UCSD is an outstanding facility. Olympic lifting platforms, power racks, DB's to 100pd +. I found out the public can get a membership for $80.00 a quarter. As already mentioned, Kregice's physique world has all Westside equipment-- what more could you ask for!!



Thanks guys I'm going to definatly look into those last two.