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Strength Training Ideas?


19 years old, been lifting for a little over a year now and am looking for what to do next. Current maxes are: squat-345x1 bench-250x1 deadlift-315x10 sohp-185x1. Did 4 cycles of 5/3/1 to get here so not interested in that. Looking to add strength, attending school for fire fighting so I need all the strength I can get.

Was thinking about doing a linear progression program, starting at 3x8 and when I stop making progress drop the reps to 3x5 then 4x3 on the big 3 and ohp. Should take some time but there has to be something more effective. Any ideas will help.



Hate to break it to you but 5/3/1 at its roots it is a linear progression program if you over look its micro cycle set up. If you dont like it then do Starting Strength. Or anything that allows you to add weight to the bar on your big lifts over time. Its not rocket science.

["Should take some time but there has to be something more effective"] Hate to break it to you again. But any form of weight training isnt a short term thing. You been at it a year, your barely out of the beginner stages.


Thanks for the reply bulldog.
5/3/1 is a good program I guess im just bored with it. I was just looking for something different. I like being in the gym more than starting strength is programed for, 3 days a week 3 lifts a day isnt alot. I was looking at eric cresseys max strength or new rules of lifting.