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Strength Training Frequency?

Did he die though


Lol I’ve done that. I don’t see how some of the guys can focus at all on what they’re doing after sticking their noses in the bottle. I’ve done it and it kicked me so hard I literally forgot what I was doing . Of course the brand I use is extremely strong.

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This is cool, thanks for the info!

Speaking of rest periods for strength training, I believe Pavel recommends at least 5 minutes of rest per set.

Andrey Malanichev also had a similar approach, squatting, benching, and deadlifting once a week and doing virtually no assistance work, apart from abs. Keeping things simple is a great way to get bigger and stronger.

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Yes it definitely is.

This is my bread and butter. Higher frequency, but extremely simple and effective.

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Hey, if high frequency isn’t your thing, I’ve had success with this also. Basically the polar opposite of strength-skill.

Low frequency, high intensity, and a lot of fun.

I started lifting that same time frame and pretty much just experimented on my own for the next 6 years, then I transitioned more into triathlons, I’m back to lifting now (29 almost 30) and I’m definitely beat up etc but… Really liking Lift OFF OFF Lift OFF OFF, it’s like the first day is basic recovery and the second day gives the connective tissue enough chance to rest and muscle cells a chance to really load up on energy. I think too many people try to force their program/schedule into a 7 day cycle but once you start thinking outside that box a lot of possibilities open up. If you did the lift off off, I’d switch your idea of push, pull, legs, and full body to LEGS, PUSH, PULL, CORE/Stability. just something to think about!