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Strength Training For Waterpolo/Swimmers


Any body have an idea on this subjekt?
Maybe a useful link?

At the moment I am thinking about a WSB template with a Max effort Bench and a Max effort Row/chin up (no leg max effort) day.

Or about two upper body complex training days and one leg complex training day per week.


Why would you follow a specialised powerlifting routine (westside) if you are a swimmer?


Do you play waterpolo competitively, swim competitively or both, how you train would very depening upon wich of these three options applies to you. I'm not keen on the idea of a powerlifting program for a swimmer either.


What distance are you looking at?

Is this program for you or for people you are training?

Will you also have divers?

With sprinters, you are looking at a program utilizing many explosive exercies as well as a lot of shoulder and back work. Most swimmers have a hunched over shoulder look that needs to be taken into consideration when trying to prevent injuries.

Give more information so a better answer can be given.


Are we talking about a training program for the people or the horses?

(I'm sorry; I love that joke.)


how about just swimming with weights on?


upperbody strength comes in handy when you need to throw the ball, or when someone tries to dunk you under water (not sure if that is fair play, but the swim teacher at our college would do that when we played).