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Strength Training for the Natty Athlete. Equipment Restrictions

Hey Coach

I’m on the 2nd week of your Thibarmy program “Optimal Strength Training for the Natural Athlete”

I’ve just made the switch (it’s about time!) from a commercial gym to a proper Strongman Gym. But now I have some limitations equipment wise. I’ve made some changes on what makes sense but I’m worried that a) I’m using too much energy on them for this program and b) there are more efficient ways to get the same work in (it’s supplemental and accessory after all).

2 Questions:

1: What do you think about my changes?

From - To

Squat Day
Leg Extension - DB Split Squats
Hack squat machine - SSB box squat

Deadlift Day
Lying leg Curl - GHR
Straight-arms Pulldown - DB Pullover
Supinated lat Pulldown - Chins
Seated row machine - football/Swiss bar row
Rear delts machine - Seated reverse flys

2: Is it possible to add famer walks in the strength/skill range. Can I replace something existing with them? If no, where would you recommend that they go?