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Strength Training for Soccer?


My freinds 17 soon to be 18 year old daughter plays highschool soccer and want to play college soccer to next year. Can anyone recommend supps and a workout for here. I wouldnt know where to begin with someone wanting to work toward this goal. Does anyone think that Surge Workout Fuel would be good pre practice? She practices twice a week.




First of all, how can we advise any supplements when we don't know her regular nutrition?

The program that nik posted looks fine, as long as she's currently weight training. I don't see it as being ideal for a beginner, with the plyometric and lower-rep work. She'd just have to figure out how to schedule the three weight training days and her two practices. It's also a big difference whether she's in-season, pre-season, or in the off-season.

If she's never done any weight training, a basic full-body bodyweight program for two or three weeks would be a start, and then you can transition to a free weight-based routine.

Just to toss out some general thoughts: overall mobility, unilateral lower body work (including some barefoot training when available), and prehab for the knees/ankles/hips should be a priority. As a young female athlete, try to make sure she doesn't get hung up on any body image issues (eating disorders are prevalent in young women, even athletes), and encourage her not to shy away from using heavy weights when the time comes.


I read an article someplace about female soccer players and hamstring injuries.... the concept was that since women tend to be more quad dominant, they tend to have a higher rate of hamstring injuries than males. The conclusion was that female athletes should prioritize activating and strengthening the posterior chain.

I am not a trainer, but I would love it if someone with real experience could chime in on this.



Thanks guys this is a great start. As for her diet Im not sure. I do know that her father feels she does not eat enough.

These ideas have given me some great direction. I will find out if she is in season or not. And no she has never touched weights in here life.