Strength Training for People Who Never Compete

Hi Paul,

I’m familiar with your base building methodologies and your writings. I wanted to say I’m a big fan!
Your writing regarding submax training really resonates with me, I have also found the same thing with regards to training with submax %'s - I get stronger. This brings me onto my question - I am not a powerlifter and have no intention of competing, just an average joe looking to keep getting stronger. In order to keep increasing my base do you think there’s any point in venturing out of BBI? into BBII and BBIII? How would you set this up as a long term plan? I am very happy to keep milking a weight for months…not interested in being a weekly maxing asshole.

I used BBI for a LONG time and rarely ventured into the other modalities. If it’s working just stick to it and grind it out for as long as it’s giving back to you.


Thanks. That was my thinking - just to focus on moving the weight faster and faster. Don’t know why some guys have such a hard on for adding weight all the time…