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Strength Training for MMA

Hello CT,

I have recently taken up MMA (Muay Thai and BJJ) and am wondering how best to plan out my gym training for this. I tend to have best results with moderate/lower volume, shorter training sessions and high frequency, such as training one lift a day layer style. But since I am now training 2-4 nights a week for two hours each session, i’m struggling to incorporate a program like that.

I was thinking of trying for 4 short sessions a week (some weeks i might only be able to get 2-3) using double progression, something like this:

1)OHP 5x3/Front Squat 5x3
2)Snatch High-Pull from Hang 5x3/Weighted Pull-up 5x5
3)Bench Press 5x3/Back Squat 5x5
4)Snatch High-pull from Hang 5x3/Zercher Lift 5x3

I get all of my conditioning work from my MMA sessions, as well as a lot of ab work and bodyweight stuff. So any gym work is strength focussed.

I also remember you saying you used weighted carries with a boxer. How would you best program these in?

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.