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Strength Training For Me...


Hi i have been trying to find out about strength training and thought i would ask here as people really know their stuff.
I have a few questions. Heres a bit of info about me,
I am trying to improve my strength for Kickboxing. Im 6'2 and about 178 pounsds. Im pretty skinny and trying to put of weight and get stronger. Im looking to get my strength up and then start bodybuilding later on. I have been trainnig with weights for a little while (few months) so im not a total newb.

1 - How Many Set/Reps/types of exercises.

2 - How many times a week to strength train.

3 - How should the diet plan look (different than bodybuilding?).

p.s. and example program would help me to figure out my own as I have my own bench and stuff at home and may need to change things hear and there. Many thanks in advance.


What you want is power. Not strength. Power is simply the amount of force(strength) over time, which would be speed.

You want power in your legs in kick boxing...not just strength. In squats or leg presses, drive the weights as fast as you can (no bouncing, please!) from a static position to a final position. You don't simply move the weights methodically, you drive it! And since kickboxing is cardio, everything is done in higher reps with lots of drive to it. Add volume training to it but watch out for the over-training since you are doing kickboxing as well. You'll need more rest and recuperation from doing a combination of exercises (ie kickboxing plus weight training).

As for the rest of your questions, you are not clear on exactly what your goals are.


I know you said you weren't a total newb, but your questions would seem to put you into that category, which is cool though. No problems.

This thread:
is one of the most comprehensive around, and is a great place to start.

About that, bodybuilding is a specific sport unto itself, and the training for it will not be the best way to train for kickboxing. So, just so we're on the same page, are you trying to improve your kickboxing? Or are you trying to get bigger and/or stronger? (I've got 5 bucks that says the answer is "Both.") :wink: