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Strength Training for Injury Prevention

Hi guys,

I have to give a presentation at work and was going to do “importance of Strngth Training for Firefighters”

I remember reading an article on here a while back that quoted a study of sports injuries that concluded that athletes engaged in strength training were less likely to get injured than those just stretching etc but I cannot find it again.

Does anyone know where it is or know of this study or similar???

Thanks a lot!

Do you really need studies for this mane…

Maybe Y’all need some common sense training more than you need strength training


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Mate you are not wrong. Our managers would wrap the gym in hazard tape to prevent any on station injuries, nevermind what it is we actually do on the job…

Thanks for that!

Not really a study, but here is a power lifter who works with a fire department. He has a lot to say about Strength Training for injury prevention. About 8 minutes in, he starts talking about specific results; injuries before and after, insurance pay-outs before and after and ultimately money saved by the department by strength training.