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Strength Training for Fighters


@Christian_Thibaudeau : fair enough coach, nobody likes being pressured…whatever, you already dropped some bombs of knowledge on this topic so it’s all cool.

Now, I found something really interesting and controversial written by Yuri Verkhoshansky. Take a look.

The most specific weight exercise for boxers is Shadow Boxing with the dumbbells in the hands. The weight of dumbbells could be from 250g to 2 kg.

The too heavy dumbbells could interfere with patterns for normal boxing.
For this reason it needs to choose the optimal weight for every athlete in relation with his physical preparedness level and body weight.
Vasily Filimonov normally uses Shadow Boxing with dumbbells of 250 g to 1 kg.
The dumbbells of 1 -2 kg could be used only by very strong boxers of high weight category

We are talking about the specific physical preparation exercises for boxers by general point of view, without any specification for the concrete aim of the exercise.
By this general point of view, the Shadow Boxing with the dumbbells in hands could be most specific training means because it’s the “model” of competition exercise that could be used as element of specific endurance training. If you need to increase the power of punch you have to use training means system that includes:
-traditional overload exercises (for arm and leg extensors muscles and for trunk rotator muscles);
-specific exercise “Punching of cushion” used without overload with the goal to hit faster, with more precision or to hit faster and stronger. These hits have to be carried out in a regime with 3 minutes of work and 1 minute of rest (8-10 repetitions in 1 training session). During these 3 minutes of work must be executed 50 – 60 hits (1 hit every 3 seconds).

It’s seems every S&C coach worth a dime this days says to never punch with dumbells in hands, yet all boxing coaches continue having their athletes do it and here comes the godfather of training for sports saying that. I think it is really, really interesting.