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strength-training for fat-loss?

I have a couple of questions mainly for chad and coach davies regarding a good strength training program. i?m currently doing a cycle of abbh but i?m also aiming for fat-loss so will do some cardio in th? morning 2-3 times/week. is the abbh program to demanding when trying to lose some fat , i feel the workouts are quite challenging but not to long in duration as it should be! another thing here is that i play tennis two-t?hree times a week so i really need to be agile and able to change directions pretty fast so therefore i dont need to much bulk which ?would sl?w me down! looking forward to some good input here b/w bracke

Please fill me in how much body-weight you are looking to lose and how much time you spend on the court typically.

In faith,

Coach Davies

I emailed Waterbury about doing cardio/GPP sessions with the AHBB program (I am also currently on) and he said one to two sessions on off days were fine as long as you don’t feel overtrained and are not on a low-cal diet, so if you want to lose weight you’ll have to reduce calories and should probably get off AHBB or finish it first would be my guess.

You, should be lifting 2 times a week if you are playing tennis also 2-3 x a week. More of a full body work-out. Espically if you are play a level 4.0 type of tennis. I don’t know what the “abbh” stands for and what it intales. If its the Anti- bodybuiling hypertophoy program. You can scale it down a little to cater your needs.

In health,

Silas C.