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Strength Training for Crossfit Athletes?


I was wondering if you would share what you are doing with your Crossfit athletes in term of strength training, mainly the athletes that missed qualification for the games.

On a further note, I am currently in week 10 of the Power Look program (with the added Olympic lifts that you outlined in the forum) and have has decent strength and muscle gains (3kg). Today, I did a PB in the snatch by 5kg which I am very happy about. So thank you for all your help and willingness to share your knowledge, itâ??s really appreciated.


I did the same thing as far as program…solid results…I think each athlete will have different path…some may want to do a smaller competition because they are in prime shape…others could be beat up and need recovery physically and mentally…but I think his newest article covers that topic well but I look forward to hearing CT response