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Strength Training + Conditioning


Hey guys!
First time writing here.

After going through a lot in this site I saw that CT is a really open-minded coach, that has experience working with Crossfit athletes.

I am trying to build a template of a strength program that will allow me to combine 2-3 conditioning workouts sessions a week plus some work on my olympic lifts.
I am not a competitive athlete, at least not yet, but even if I do plan on competing it will not be anywhere near regionals level.
Simply looking to get stronger, more conditioned and to basically move better and keep progressing out of the love of the sport.

Thanks for the help!


Here's one of Joe Defranco's templates that you could modify to fit crossfit.

Tues-Upper Body weights heavy day
Wed-jumps/farmers walks/strongman type training
Thurs-Bodyweight Training
Fri-Lower Body Weights
Sat-Conditioning and Upper Body Weights light day


For a crossfit competitor (a good base model for what you want to accomplish) the number of metcon and strength sessions varies depending on where there are in the year (close to a big competition or not).

In your case "off-season" Crossfit model is probably better.

At that point there is more strength work and a little less emphasis on metcon.

My crossfit athletes normally do something like this:

Monday: Longer metcon session (20-25 minutes) + mobility + prehab (lower traps, rotator cuff)

Tuesday: Olympic lifting (2 snatch exercises, 1 clean & jerk exercise) + short metcon involving olympic lifting complexes

Wednesday: Bodyweight skills + short metcon using bodyweight skills

Thursday: Olympic lifting (2 clean & jerk exercises, 1 snatch exercise) + short metcon involving olympic lifting complexes

Friday: OFF

Saturday: Lower body strength work

Sunday: Upper body strength work


CT - what are your faworite bodyweight Medcons?


Well, it's hard to give you a specific metcon workout as there is literally a endless number of possibilities!

Think about it... you can include these movements:

push ups
strict pull-ups
strict chin-ups
kipping pull-ups
kipping chin-ups
ring rows
strict ring muscle-ups
kipping ring muscle-ups
strict bar muscle-ups
kipping bar muscle-ups
strict handstand push-ups
kipping handstand push-ups
strict handstand push-ups from a deficit
kipping handstand push-ups from a deficit
handstand stands
handstand walks
wall climb
rope climbing
legless rope climbing
body weight squats
split squats
box jumps
box step-up over
mountain climber
bear crawl
hollow rock
vertical jump
broad jump
jump lunges
duck walk

And this is not even an inclusive list! Kinda hard to narrow it down to a few "best" workouts :slight_smile:


Wow this is long list! Thank you!
Haw about rep range and set counts?
Hmm is hard to connect this in one combo. Could you giv some advise about order of muscle group, count of exercises per one metcon or write one full bodyweight medcon / schema on which I can based?


CT could you write haw looks mobility and prehab work witch your crosffit athlets? What exercise they do for lower traps and rotator cuff?


A metcon workout is something based on resistance and endurance. It's way to work the energy systems using various movements.

I can be something like...

5 rounds of...
30 box jumps
100 double-unders
50 body weight squats

Done as fast as possible

For example...

This is NOT a recommended workout, just an example of what a metcon session looks like, I'm not sure you knew what they were.