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Strength Training Books


Well, I'm getting ready to make out my christmas list:-), and this year my focus is on strength training books with a focus on athletics.. Any opinions on must have's?
I'm looking at:
Science and Practice of strength training
CT's Black Book
Renegade Training for football
I believe Kelly bagget has a good vj book
any others?


Don't get Renegade Training for Football. Unless of course you want an entire book full of pictures of exercises you already know how to do. I bought the book figuring I would get some insight as to how to work with some football players...imagine my surprise when there wasn't anything at all resembling programming for these athletes. Fool me once...


I'd second Black Book and add Ian King's How to Write Strength Training Programs.


Starting Strength.

How far along are you in studying the subject? I have a few other ideas but they may be a bit basic.



I have a good base about strength training, read everything on here. I've read almost everything I could get my hands on via the internet the last 3-5 years.. I'm basically looking for anything and everything realted to strength training, and athletic training


Supertraining is a deep read, be prepared to swim, but it wont be boring or any wanna be psuedo scientist crap, nor is it for the personal trainer/ recreational fitness/bodybuilder type, its the real deal


I think Science and practice may give you the best bang for your buck. It's pretty understandable and gives good insight into both the science and application aspects of training. If you get Supertraining be prepared for a hard read and don't expect to comprehend a lot of it the first time. It takes a huge time committment to thoroughly understand it.


I have Supertraining and agree with the previous opinions.

I have The Coach's Strength Training Playbook and feel that it is a really good read.


any more?
poliquin, simmons, tate?


I second Starting Strength. The Strongest Shall Survive by Bill Starr is also a very good book for football or any sport training for that matter. Dinosaur Training or Rock, Iron, and Steel by Steve Justa will give some differenbt insights into strength training.