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Strength Training/Bodybuilding Book Sale

I’m getting rid of all my books. All are in excellent condition.

1.)Poliquin Principles-Poliquin
2.) Modern Trends in Strength Training -Polquin
3.) Get Buffed-Ian King
4.) Weightlifint Encyclopedia-Drechsler
5.) Manly Weightloss-Poliquin
6.)Training For Speed-Francis
7.)So You Want Speed?-Colgan
8.)Winning The Arms Race-Poliquin
9.)GridIron Warriors-Poliquin Power Audio CD
10.)The Science Of BB-Poliquin

Shoot me a PM if you’re interested.

Im in the Southern Cali area btw.

Tell me how much shipping would cost and I will send you a check first thing monday! I live in Little Rock, AR. My address is:

JP Fitness, LLC
c/o Jean-Paul Francoeur
TCBY Tower, 29th floor
425 W. Capitol
Little Rock, AR 72201