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Strength Training and Mythology


So, it ocurred to me while waiting for a train: the strenght training worls is very much like norse mythology/ RPG's.

We have the powerlifters-dwarves, with their barrel-like physique, epic beards, rough and hardcore attitudes, slow but strong as hell. They're the underground.

The conditioning guys-elves, with their lean and slender physique, they are fast, agile, tireless, but not very strong.

The bodybuilders-humans, they are the balanced guys and the most common specie, they have no real weaknesses, good strength and good stamina, but aren't truly great at any of them.

The strongman-orc or giant or something, these guys have massive physiques, massive strenght and power, and great endurance, they raise hell on the battlefield, but are quite rare and frequently seen as a scary underground bunch.

In before broad generalization. Of course it is one.


Don't you think it's the other way around? Like RPS's base their characters off people.


Well, if you wanna go that way, than I would say that the old Norse myths came pretty much before any modern strength sport.


I don't have a beard though ) :


Bodybuilders have terrible endurance.


Wait for menopause. It's on it's way.


hehee promise?