Strength Training and Cortisol

anyone else have taken a break from weightlifting due to excessive stress in the body + outside stress = too much cortisol harming our health and in my case, hormones? (24 hour urine came extremely high) only doing 5/3/1 beginners. decided to take a break and im recoverying better mentally but still feel fatigued


What did your doctor say was the likely cause? Because I can almost guarantee it wasn’t training.

What’s wrong with your hormones? What tests did your doctor have you do and what did they say about the results?

To put this in perspective, troops on deployment to active combat zones still train when they have time. Hard to imagine a more stressful environment.

Many adults who train work a full time job or run a business and have a family, and that comes with a whole bunch of stressors. Doesn’t stop them. Some of them get very, very good at what they do.

Fatigue is what happens when you train. It’s how you progress. Jim’s system has effextive protocols in place to manage fatigue which you should be following if you’re running it properly.

If you’re just tired and have external stress to deal with and that’s too much for you, you should probably consider dropping weight training.

doctor did not said anything about training at the moment but my urine cortisol was high and my testosterone is low. i came with a conclusion that maybe the huge amount of external depression + gym stress might be hammering my system but thats just me thinking.

Go back to the doctor. Get them to explain what they suspect is going on. It doesn’t sound like they gave you much information, unless you’re leaving bits out.

If I’m not wrong it takes a lot more than one blood test to determine for sure that you’ve got low T and not some other condition.

It is highly, highly unlikely that training is inducing a significant enough amount of stress to impact on you physiologically. The depression is a more likely culprit when it comes to the mental side. Probably worth also talking to the doctor about.

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First for your medical issues physiological or psychological make sure to seek professional help and get second opinions if needed. A decent psychologist probs my first stop if you have a doctor already

I guess there’s times I’ve felt hammered down by life stresses and that’s impacted my training. So all the stresses do add up.

My last program had me rate fatigue (per squat bench and deadlift or I guess you could use it overall) before the workout to tweak how much you do in the workout like if it was high then you’d do less work and weight. It’s nice and I implement it in my training now

Interesting thing was it included the motivation you feel towards working the particular movement as well as how your warm ups are moving. So being in the right headspace is definitely a factor to consider too

Depression would be a different beast all together. While everyone’s experience differs probably safe to say it’d be a massive chunk of stress to deal with and consider in the context of training. Like for some it could be near constant maximal level psychological stress also interfering with sleep quality. Not much of a recipe for recovery.

If you’ve been told by someone qualified to stop lifting then that’s how it be but most professionals will suggest exercise and physical activity as a tool in managing depression and mental health issues. So ditching lifting (if it’s something you truly enjoy and gets you away from your worst thoughts and out of your own head) is ill advised.

Maybe in discussion with a professional you can use lifting to benefit yourself. Make it fun. Hit heavy weight for a single. Scream roar and grunt a bit. Get a massive pump and your flex on.

Anyways get help and guidance from the pros.

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hello and thanks mate! they just told me to take 24 hours urine test (i weightlifted that day) and it came high while blood came normal. i do have psychological issues going on like ocd depression and other extreme mental things. therapist will put me on ssri for this. doctor told me i might have cushing disease due to high cortisol but she put a hold on the testing.

i do have a shit ton of stress outside the gym and overthinker + now that im not in the gym i lost literally 6-7 pounds in 9 days. havent sleep well because i dont have the same routine i used to when weightlifting

Unfortunately none of this is anything we can help you with much on here. You need professional help, which is sounds like you are getting so best of luck.


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