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Strength Training and Conditioning

I’m a former soccer player who is very interested in strength and conditioning. I get satisfaction out of pushing myself to the limit so I can see what my body can handle. I am looking to gain 5lbs. of muscle while keeping body fat minimal. One of the issues I have is my passion for pushing myself extends beyond the weight room as I am a marathoner and cardio addict.

I would like some feedback regarding my training and nutrition log to see where my training can improve, here is a sample of a my hardest training day.

16 minute run
20x100yd. sprints (sprint 100yds, jog back to start)
10 minute run

Back Squat 4x25 (185)
Leg Press 4x25 (450)
Leg Ext. 4x25 (120)
RDL 4x25 (145)
Leg Curl 4x25(70)
Calf Raises 5x20 (180)
Decline Sit Up 5x10 (75)
Barbell Roll-outs 3x20

Soccer Practice (1.5 hrs)

30 minute run

2 scoop whey protein shake w/ 1 frozen banana, 2/3 C frozen strawberries, 1 C unsweetened almond milk, 1 tbsp of natural peanut butter.

6 egg whites, 4 slices of extra lean turkey bacon

6 oz. chicken breast and 2 C brocolli

1 scoop whey protein, 10 oz. water

2 scoops whey protein

6oz. chicken breat 2 C brocolli

Salad (3 C fresh spinach, 1/4C fat free cottage cheese, 2 tbsp. low sodium salsa, 1/4C black beans, 1/4 fat free shredded cheese)
6 egg whites
1/2C can chicken
1/2C mixed peppers and onions


[quote]rsausamn wrote:
I am looking to gain 5lbs. of muscle while keeping body fat minimal.

Unfortunately, I doubt you’ll accomplish this goal with high-rep weight training and all the running you seem to be doing.

If you really want to gain muscle, look into a real hypertrophy program.

Also, your diet looks terribly low in fat and carbohydrate, which will only hurt your performance in the long run.

What would be your suggestion for sources of carbs and fat? Where should I include them in my diet?

it looks like you are not eating nearly enough with all the exercise you are doing. if you are so concerned about keeping bf % low judging by your profile pic you have plenty of room to work with that. if you were to put on 10lbs and some of it was fat, given all the cardio you do you will have no problem shedding the fat.

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