Strength to Explosiveness

A little background:
I love powerlifting, however baseball is my current first priority.

I’ve hit a squat of 405 and a 475lb deadlift at 186lbs.

I feel like my strength foundations are “okay” considering that is at the high end for most high school seniors.

That being said, I have really struggled shifting the strength into the explosiveness I need to be successful at baseball.
I’ve basically always trained on a slightly modified WS4SB template.

I’ve seen good improvements in the way of explosiveness, but I still feel like I’m lagging behind.
I have done a 45" box jump, but I am absolutely hanging at the same box jump and VJ, while my lifts improve. Same for my sprint times.

I’ve been reading up on Inno Sport and Dietrich Buckholz, is there any warrant in that?

Any suggestions towards what direction I should take? I would like to still see my lifts climb as I know I’ll be tested on them at whatever college program I end up in, but having a big spring is the first priority for the moment.

I just don’t feel like doing the one dynamic effort lower body day is really cutting it.

I’m also considering some olympic lifting work, but most coaches are leery of ballplayers doing that stuff due to the strain on the shoulders and wrists.

Hit me with some thoughts, I’m just trying to consider my options.

I’ve got like 6 weeks to run an explosive focused cycle before my season gets going.

Honestly, to improve explosiveness, you have to train explosively. Make it the priority in your training. Cleans and snatches are difficult to learn without the proper instruction, but push presses and jerks are not.

You will need to work on sprint training and quick reaction drills.

I think jump shrug/clean pulls would be a good choice for you. The olympic lifts aren’t that hard, especially power cleans, but still take some time to learn. Clean pulls and lifts like that should get the job done, teaching you to triple extend and fire through your hips. I love 'em.

Dan John and Charles Poliquin, are big on Power Snatches + Overhead squats for increased athletic ability.

To get you started on check out this vid by Dan John:

(Dan starts by explaining squating ending in Power Snatches)

Powersnatches are pretty easy to learn, at my gym we got 1st timers powersnatching their 1st day. As for Overhead squats, those take a few days to get used to.

A couple of more vids:
Tommy Kono part 1

Tommy Kono part 2

if you can find an Oly Coach and train with him/her once a week, you’ll be pretty much set.