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Strength Supps & Test Boosters?


Personal experiances, particular vitamins, minerals, proteins, BCCA's, whey, ginseng, AAs,tribulus, ginko, horny goats weed, herbs, fruits, pomegrant seed juice, avvena sativa, ?

What has worked for people,

oh yes creatine as well.


definite yes: BCAA's, a good multivitamin, creatine/creatine mixes (watch the sugar), fish oil/efa's, any weed

dunno about the others


BCAA, ZMA, Rez-V, absolutely proteins (Metabolic Drive and/or animal), tribulus to help get testerone in normal ranges.

Thats the fun part trying and seeing what works for you.


2 am internet sites. Sue's Rendezvous, and Cinderalla's


I find that, personally, a combination of tribestus and avena sativa is like magic for me. It works better than anything else I've tried. My mood improves, I have an easier time controlling my weight, I've got more energy, patience, and sex drive.

Biotest's ZMA is the most effective zinc/mag supplement I've tried. I stick with that exclusively.