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Strength Standards for Pushing Sleds?

I am curious. I know there are alot of variables to consider but are there recommended strength standards for pushing sleds?


For pushing what sled? On what surface? In what stance?

We are a group of older guys (average age 60) who do prowler walks on asphalt. We like to have goals to target and work toward.

I know, personally, that I have a goal to eventually push double bodyweight on the prowler for 40 yards.

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That’s admirable, however I think in this case you’ll have to come up with the goals yourself.

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Just whack up a leader board. That will get the old bastards going.


90lbs is fairly heavy for 50ft at my gym on a prowler. The “turf” is really just a long piece of carpet and it folds and makes a little wave you have to push through the whole time.

Either that makes it hard or I’m just out of shape which is entirely possible