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Strength Standards for Powerlifting?


Hi there gals and guys.

I'm wondering what are the strenght standarts for Powerlifting, beginner/advanced/elite?

Living in Switzerland, there are PL contests, and I'm thinking towards participating in one. I'd like to know what should my lifts be, so that I don't look too lame while there...

Actually, at 5'4 (169 cm), 171 lbs (77 kg) but losing weight getting to 161-165 (73-74 kg) around 15% bodyfat.

Dlift 350 lbs/ 160 kg
Squat 310 lbs/ 140 kg
Bench 240 lbs/ 110 kg


go with those numbers, we all started somewhere




Note those are single ply numbers.


I ref'd a meet a couple weeks ago where an old dude squatted like, 50 kg or something really low. His bench and deadlift numbers were similarly low. His meet total is still higher than a guy who won't compete until he thinks he can make Elite numbers. Just get on the platform!


Thanks for the link, and the advice too!

It's true, I'd like to do well on my first meet, as I'm told I'm a perfectionnist. Still, waiting for good occasions, you can miss a lot of them...

Cheers, send in more!


Those aren't world records but definitely nothing to be embarassed about. Like others said, competition can bring out the best in you. Good luck!


110k raw bench at 77 kilos is nice!


It is? Thanks! You see, I do like to lift, and it's "fairly easy" for me. But comparing to what I see in contests, I really don't have an idea of what my lifts are worth...


Man It dont matter what your numbers are, mine arent great, and I just go out there and raise some hell on the platoform! go compete and have fun!


Forgive the naive question, but are these totals in kgs or lbs?


Good question... Now that you ask, I guess kg because it's not unheard of benchers doing 800 lbs. And around 800 is the total for the higher weight class...


I know it is too good to be true, but still I had to ask.


Personally, I think the experience of doing a powerlifting meet far outweighs the temporary embarassment of putting up some embarassing numbers.

I did my first (and only, thus far) powerlifting meet with a pretty bad left hip flexor injury and squatted less than I benched. Embarassing? You bet your ass! However, the experience will never leave me, and it definitely helped to put a lot of things in perspective in terms of training.

If those numbers are raw, they're definitely a pretty good start. If you decide "I'm not going to do a powerlifting meet until I can squat 500 at 165, raw" then you may miss a lot of good opportunities to learn many valuable things and have many rewarding experiences.


To Who_Cares : Whould have been too easy, no? :wink: Everybody getting top lifts, just like that... snaps fingers

To Benway : Thanks, that's what I thought. I'm going to participate in my first PL contest in November, and am training for it, hard. Won't get to 500 lbs squat, but getting close to it by the minute. But I'll learn, that's for sure. Thanks for you comment!


Get stuck in now pal. You'll learn loads at meets that'll feed back into your training.

Saw a couple of Swiss guys at WDFPF World or European champs last year. One tall Swiss guy in 110 or 125kg class benched 200kg unequipped with the longest bench stroke I have ever seen. Think basketball player with a narror grip lol


Yeah, I've heard of the guy. He trains in Lausanne, near where I live and right where I study. I'll apply for the gym where he trains, might get good advice...

For news, I've dropped some lbs in my bodyweight, as some in my squat and bench sadly. I'm getting those numbers back, and furthermore losing fat.

I put my courage alltogether, and asked the gym's (where I train) boss if he ever sponsored someone. Explained him my goals too : participating in a PL comp, as a student don't have too much money to put aside for equipment. The guy just ordered me a wrestler's suit for the comp, with the gym's logo and my name on it... Soo relieved that I don't have to pay that. :slight_smile:

Cheers everyone!