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Strength Stack


Imma be takin the strength stack Cycle with D-Anabol 25 mg, Tren 75 mg, and Var 10 10 mg. The say the on the chart to stack all three together for four weeks, but for 400 dollars im wantin to try and make it like a 8 week cycle. So my question is how could i do that. could i take the Tren and Var 10 2gether for the first 4 weeks and then finish off with D-bol for hte last 4 weeks..or should i switch that around to wher ei take the D-bol first and the other 2 last??? IF you could help me out it'd be appreciated


Theyre all fake.

Maybe do some research next time.


Do people really spend hundreds of dollars on that shit??


What??? THe oral steroids are fake? how do you kno???


Theyre fake.

Post the actual "drugs" that are in the capsules or pills. What are the drug names listed. Google those names. then google the drug names of the actual brand names

Dianabol, Anabol (d-anabol is clearly different)
Anavar (Var is a street name)
Trenbolone (trenbolone doesnt come in oral AND Tren is a street name)

Im pretty sure it will say that that the site doesnt sell actual drugs or something along those lines.

And just because I have a feeling I know what youre thinking. It's illegal to try and sell something that represents an illegal drug, dont try to sell it.