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Strength Sports: Weight Loss, Cardio and Strength Retention

Recently, I’ve had some trouble managing fat while getting stronger. Everyone knows the story, you gain weight, get stronger, but in the process, not gain weight properly and add too much body fat.

What do you guys do to prevent strength loss due to weight loss while losing weight? I’m assuming there’s some form of cardio involved, hence the title.

Please comment on what sport you guys participate in as well.

Long slow distance cardio which for me (and most people) would be walking at incline for 30-60 minutes (or hiking outside). Do 5-10 times a week depending on how much weight you are trying to lose and how fast you want to lose it. Ideally the bulk of the sessions are done upon waking without eating anything, or after you workout or before you go to bed. Personally my speed would be between 3.5-4.5 mph and the incline between 2-15%. Should be able to burn a lot of calories but perserve muscle by doing this.

Continuing to lift heavy while dieting is also key, don’t switch to high reps and short rest if you want to stay strong (as represented by your 1RM).

I use this method when attempting to drop a weight class and maintain my strength for PL.