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Strength Sports and Age

Hello everybody!

Which strength sport do you think allows for the longest career, say for decades or more?

Olympic lifters usually peak in the early twenties. Are there also a lot of athletes in the masters classes?

Powerlifters tend to peak in their 30s or 40s, but they are usually beat up and simply injured more often than they should once they get past a certain age.

Don’t know about Strongman, Calisthenics or strength endurance sports.

Any input would be highly appreciated. Thank you very much!

It depends more so on the number of GOOD training years under the belt. I’m not talking about the first few years where everyone spends them fucking around doing pointless exercises. You should be near your peak after 10-12 years of proper training. That could be 40 years old if you only pick up a barbell at 30. However it varies massively from person to person. The heaviest clean & jerk in history was done by Leonid Taranenko when he was 32, he didn’t retire until he was 40.
Hence why you see so many good elite weightlifters in their early 20’s, they start at 10-12 years old with a competent coach, so no time is wasted messing around, 10 years later they’re machines.

Their maturity & strength is also accelerated by the fact that they’re eating D-bol in their teens! They trend to disappear quickly due to doping suspensions &/or lack of funding/starting families. The athletes who have good support, whether that be financial/medical/emotional go on to have long careers.

I plan to peak at 55 years old then train to maintain what I have.

There you go ‘Jas’, Jack LaLanne…Yeah the ‘‘Juicer’’ Guy to those who don’t
remember his past, was the best…The Inspiration for Arnold, Steve Reeves, etc.,
He was almost solely responsible to get Tens of millions around the World
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His near Superhuman feats of strength/endurance listed in the link is the stuff of legend.
His life screams for a movie, or at least a documentary on him.