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Mr. DeFranco, first off i would just like to thank you for spending your time to help us out. As a preface, im a 17 yr old HS junior, and am preparing for my senior year. On sunday im headed to a combine to see where i stand. Right now my bench is around 225, squat 350, dead 350. I read “Westside for Skinny Bastards” and loved it. I just would really like to squat and dead in the same week. To that end:

Squat- work up to max set of 3
Goodmornings- 4x6
Lunges 3x12

ME Bench
Bench work up to max set of 3
incline 4x6
dips 3x8
rear delt 3x12

DE legs
Dead 10x2 60% of max
bent over rows 4x12
chin ups 4x8
curls 3x8

Reps Bench
135 3 sets to failure (about 20)
skull crushers 4x8
dips 3x8 (thats about all i can do, no weight)
seated shouler press 3x12

This is all the same excercises as are in the article. After 3 weeks, the supps i will change with other ones listed in their category for the same body part, and i will then dead heavy and dynamic squat. How does this work?

I need to gain speed bad, im not very strong, but i feel that added speed would help my game more. How does this routine work for me to become a better player? If it does not work, would you suggest to just follow your guidelines? I just worry about not lifting enough, and i love to squat too much not to do it every week.

Thanks again for the help


Your routine doesn’t look bad. Here are some suggestions:

Add some more lats/upper back to your upper body days. Get rid of the dips on your 2nd upper body day and do something for back.

I would also suggest that you do box squats for your dynamic lower body day. You don’t have to change this every 2 weeks either. Stick with it and perfect your form by using multiple sets of low reps. Control the eccentric and work on your speed during the concentric. Just use “straight weight” for now. There’s no need for bands and chains, etc.

You can use deadlift variations as your max effort lower body lifts. Alternate between trap bar, straight bar and sumo-style deads on this day. I would shoot for 5 rep maxes if I were you. And DON’T sacrifice your form just to lift more weight!
Good luck.

Joe- thanks for the advice. i was talking to my dad and he gave me the idea of doing a 2 week schedule, which i lift 4 times the first week and 3 the next. 7 times a fortnight or something he called it. Anyway, it would be something like this

Day 1- ME lower squat
Day 2- ME upper bench
Day 3- ME lower dead
Day 4- Reps bench

2nd week Day 1- ME squat
Day 2- ME bench
Day 3- Reps Bench

The way this works would be that i could still do squats for power every week, which ive done forever, and i cant take myself away from, and then i can still dead for power every other week. I know this may seem like a lot of low reps high weight, but the first week is what my dads been doing for prob 10 years, and he says his legs are fine, and when ive done something like it i dont feel too fatigued. With the second week less stressful on my legs i can then run a lot more.

Any input would be great- does this look alright? From what i know of my body, this seems best for me, whats your take on it?

Thanks again for all the help, its greatly appreciated. I just wish i could train with you personally!

I just had my HS combine today, did ok, but still pretty bad

10 yd- 1.9
40 yd- 5.5
pro agility- 5.2
vert jump- 26"
standing broad jump- 7’3"
bench- 185 x 7
squat- 250 x 15

So, as u can tell i need A LOT of speed. The college i want to go to, Cornell University, has a camp in july that i am going to, and would like to run a lot faster.

So, is the routine listed above, (7 days per two weeks) OK for increased speed? To get a better 40, i figured what better way to achieve this than to run 40’s!?? I was thinking 2 sets of 5 40’s apiece maybe 5 times over the 2 weeks.

Will the aforementioned work to get my 40 up?

Thanks for the help yet again