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Working on creating a football style workout program. I am taking some time off from frequent distance running and extra conditioning to get back to the basics of strength, size, and sprinting since I do not have another PT test for about 6 months.This is what I am planning on doing, looking for critiques and opinions, especially in regards to SetxRep schemes and exercise selection. Thanks.

Day 1:
A)Squat (Strength) 3x3 or 5x2
B)Deadlift (Speed) ??
C1)Front squat (Size&strength) 3x6
C2)super set with bulgarian squats (Size) 3x10-12

Day 2:
A1)OH Press (Strength) 3x3 or 5x2
A2)Super set face pulls or band pull (Prehab) aparts x15-20
B)Chins or rows (Strength&size) 3-4xfailure for chins or 3-4x5 rows
C1)Behind the neck press (Strength&size) 3x6
C2)Plyo push ups (Size&speed) 3xfailure

Day 3:
A)Power clean 5x3
B)Hill Sprints
C)Abs (Roll outs or planks)

Day 4: OFF/Recovery Yoga

Day 5:
A)Deadlift (Strength) 3x3 or 5x2
B)Squat (Speed) ??
C1)RDL (Size&strength) 3x6
C2)super set with GHR (Size) 3x10-15

Day 6:
A1)Bench (Strength) 3x3 or 5x2
A2)Super set face pulls or band pull (Prehab) aparts x15-20
B)Pull ups or rows (Strength&size) 3-4xfailure for pull ups or 3-4x5 rows
C1)One arm floor press (Strength&size) 3x6
C2)Dips (Size&speed) 3xfailure

Day 7:
A)Power Snatch 5x3
B)Hill Sprints
C) Abs (planks or roll outs)

Day 8: OFF/Recovery Yoga


Do this https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/look-like-a-bodybuilder-perform-like-an-athlete

Add sprints twice a week on lower days and add a set of 3x3 (90% 1RM) Deadlifts on your Heavy lower days before the SGDL each week and add 10lbs every week. It will make you stronger, and more explosive. It seems weird but I added 30lbs to my Press/Bench Press and 40lbs to my deadlift in 4 weeks, it works if you follow the guidelines.

You think sprints in the morning and lift in the evening, or switched? And damn 40lbs in 4 weeks, thats wild, and very interest provoking haha.

You could do it either way…I usually just do them after my resistance work but either way would work. I forgot to add you start with 90% of your 1RM and then use 90% of that number so it is not as bad as it sounds but yeah you should get stronger.