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Strength-speed-endurance training

Heya guys,

Big fan of the site. I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of some articles or books that would address my particular training.

After a long bit out of the gym and away from training I recently started some martial arts training again (I’ve trained on and off for about 6 years) and have decided to try and compete in some tournament fighting. Sounds great, but the problem is, I need to get back into shape ;( and it’s been like 4 years since I’ve tried to compete.

I currently weigh 195 with a pretty high body fat composition. I train 4 times a week for 1 and ½ hours at my school and I ideally need to be down to about 160-170 lbs to be the ideal fighting weight for my size.

The workouts at my school are mostly cardio and calisthenics but I want to incorporate some weight training as well. So all in all what I was wondering is what sort of diet and training regime would you recommend for someone who is looking to shed about 30lbs but maintain and in fact increase strength, speed and endurance.

Again, I’m not so much pushing toward and esthetic goal, so muscle definition and fat loss aren’t what I want to measure my progress with. Although that would be a welcome side effect, I looking at the training for a purely athletic point of view.

Thanks for the time.


heck out meltdown training, it may be a little advanced for you but with your stats, it would probably work for you.

Check out all the articles written by coach davies if your looking for some serious athletic workouts. He also has one made for athletes who are trying to loose weight fairly fast. I’ve gotten stronger and lost bodyfat on his programs, but then again my training age is only 2 years and I’m really picky about diet. I would check out john berardi’s stuff on diet. If you do decide to take up a coach davies type workout I would not recomend dropping your calories too much, as you will be burning a huge amount on just the work itself, especially with the amount of cardio your doing already. Make sure your strength training volume is increased slowly since you haven’t lifted for a long time. I also wouldn’t work to failure since this really doesn’t seem to benefit most fighters.