Strength, Speed, and Size

Haven’t followed a program for a while. Decided to go with 5/3/1 just to keep myself accountable. I will do 4 workouts (Military, Squat, Deads, Bench)a week and I also have 90- 120 minutes of either football or soccer 6-7 days a week. I train to get bigger, faster, and stronger, with an added bonus of looking better. If anyone follows this I’d be happy to give more info about myself, but I’ll start with this:

Age: 19
Years of Heavy Training: about 1.5
Height: 5’10"
Weight: about 175 last time I weighed myself
Estimated Body Fat: Random guess, but prolly 6-7%

And here’s my 5-3-1 starting stats:

Deadlift 1RM: 450, Training Max=90%= 405

Squat 1RM: 325, Training Max=90%= 295

Bench 1RM: 270, Training Max=90%= 245

Military 1RM: 180, Training Max=90%= 165

First Workout will be in forthcoming post…

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for shlts and gigs…

And my first 5/3/1 workout…

Military Day:

Military Press:





100 chins/pulls ( 20,30,20,15,15)
40 dips (2 lights sets)
5x10 chest flies
2x10 BB rollouts

Felt good to get 5/3/1 started. Was hoping to get 140 x 10 for the Military,but I haven’t done high rep stuff in a while, so 140 x 9 is fine for now. Didn’t push the accessories to hard, but still got some decent volume. I’m excited to push, pull, and squat in my next 3 workouts and keep improving my numbers.

Combined my Bench and Deadlift Workout for Today…

-Warmup: Bar-- 10 x overhead squat, behind the neck press, good morning, RDL

-Power Clean:135x5, 185x1, 205x1, 225xfail

-Deadlift: 265x5, 305x5, 345x7

-Bench: 135x10 or so, 160x5, 185x5, 210x10

-2 sets of RDL 225x10 paired with JM Press 135x10

-2 sets of Behind the Back Shrugs 225x10 paired with DB Side Raises 30x10

Pretty tiring workout. In the future I will try to split up the Deadlift and Bench workouts but I was a bit short on time early in the week. High Rep Deadlifts are killer! Thought that I might be good for around 10 reps considering my max, but my grip and lower back started to give. Happy with the bench- the weight felt very light and went up quickly. Went with RDL’s and Shrugs to work on grip strength for the deads. I think for next week I will try to Bench 220 for 10 and Pull 365 for 7.

Watched a pretty inspirational documentary about Lou Holtz today. Some of his better quotes…

–Do right. Do your best. Treat others as you want to be treated–

–If what you did yesterday seems big. You haven’t done anything today–

Combined my 1st week squat workout with my 2nd week Military workout:

Warmup Circuit w/ bar: Lunge, Curl, Row, Squat, Press, RDL,

Squat: 190x5, 220x5, 250x8

Military Press: 115x3, 130x3, 150x8 (definitely a PR)

Chins: 4x25

Floor Fly: 3x10 w/ 40’s

Floor Rolling Tri’s: 3x10 w/ 65’s

Hammer Curls: 3x5 w/ 65’s

Squat did not fell as strong as I had hoped, but I haven’t done high rep full squats in at least 6 months, so this is not a bad starting point. I left at least 2 reps in the tanks

Press felt pretty strong. I upped the weight 10 lbs from last week and managed to get only one less rep which I am happy with. I left no reps in the tank. Accessories went fine as well.

I didn’t do any accessories for squat because my legs are tired out from a lot of football practice this week.


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That man is a funny dude. Watch some of his stuff on youtube.

Deadlift and Bench day:

Deadlift: 285x3, 325x3, 365x5 - not too heavy, then did 405 for an easy single

Bench: 170x3, 195x3, 220x10
–100 chins ( 15,25,20,20,20)
–3x10 seated db power cleans with 25â??s
–3x10 extra wide bench to neck presses with 135
–2 x lateral/ front raise circuit( 4x6) shown in Thibâ??s upper body video with 10â??s (weight was light, but focused on contracting the shoulders and raising the weights as high as possible)
–1 set of concentration curls for 10 reps with 35â??s

Deadlifts felt alright considering how light the weight is. Bench was awesome. Before this, the most times I had repped 225 was 5, so 220x10 is definitely a major improvement. Despite the light weight used for the lat./front raise, the shoulder circuit was very tough.

Will have 90 minutes of football or soccer everyday from sunday to thursday this week, so I am getting a bit worn down. Also, I am starting to get a little sick. Will try to take a nap tomorrow to catch up on some sleep.

That’s all…

Combined Military/ Squat Day

Warmup Circuit with 95 lbs: RDL, Press, Front Squat, Squat, Lunges,

Hang Snatch: 95x3, 115x3, 135x1, 145x1

Hang Clean: 185x3, 205x1, 225x1 (PR)

Squat: 205x3, 235x3, 265x10, 315x1 (easy)

Military Press: 125x3, 140x3, 155 x 6

Chins: 3x25

BB Rollouts: 3x10

IYHT’s: 2x40 ( 10 of each movement)

BB Row: 185x5, 205x5, 205x8

Bicep Stuff…

Squats felt great. My form felt really dialed in for the last set of 265 and the single at 315. What I do is go as far down as possible ( prolly about 3 or so inches below parallel, the explode out of the hole). All of the accessories felt fine and gave me a major pump lol

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Deadlift Day: Cycle 1, Week 3

Hang Clean: 135x10, 155x3, 185x3, 205x1 (kept it light)

Deadlift: 305x5, 345x3, 385x5 (easily had more in me)

Good Mornings: 3x10 with 135

Bulgarian Split Squat: Bodyweight x 15 a leg, x 12 a leg, x 10 a leg

Alternating DB Hammer Curl (w/ hold at top) 2x8 with 45’s

Shrugs: 315x12,12

–Wanna hear a good song. youtube Yiruma-River Flows in You… relax

Bench Day:

Cycle 1, Week 3:

-Bench: 185x5, 210x3,(95%) 235x7
-100 chins
-3x10 extra wide bench to neck presses with 135
-3x10 seated db power cleans with 30â??s,
-2 x lateral/front raise circuit shown in Thibâ??s video with 15â??s (dropped reps a little bit from last week to account for higher weight)
2x8 reverse curls with 45lb bar

Bench felt really strong. That is easily a rep pr. I will up the training max 10 lbs for next cycle as recommended and hope to continue breaking rep pr’s. Assistance work went well as expected; got a nice pump in the shoulders going by the end of the workout. I will not be taking a deload next week as I think that would be pointless; I will only deload if it is an exam week and I feel like a need to drop the intensity a little bit.


Wait, when you mean “100 reps” 4 chins is that in ONE SET???

[quote]endofallclarity wrote:
Wait, when you mean “100 reps” 4 chins is that in ONE SET???[/quote]

Haha, nope it’s not one set. Usually I will do 4 sets of 25, but these are not taken to failure.

Finished my first cycle of 5/3/1 with a “squat workout” on saturday

Here’s how it went…

Squat: 220x5, 250x3, 280x6
- Didn’t warm up very well for these and kept a few reps in the tank, but not half bad numbers wise
considering this

Next I did some upper body stuff with a friend…

Military-> Incline-> Bench-> Top 1/2 ( sets of 3 explosive reps)
135 205 235 280

Max Rep Circuit:
Reverse Incline Flies, DB Incline Curls, DB Lateral Raises, seated rows

2 sets of ~ 15-20 reps per exercise

-Got a big shoulder pump from this circuit

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Howd ya like your first cycle of 5/3/1?

I’m skipping the deload week, so I started my 2nd cycle of of 5/3/1 today. Of course I decided to start with Bench for my first workout. I upped my training max from 245 to 260 for this cycle (my 1rm is 270). So, here’s my workout…

Bench: 170x5, 195x5, 220x10 (and 1/2) – very close to 11 for this one

Chins: 100 total

  -paired with

JM Press: 135 lbs

  • this workout probably doesn’t seem like much, but I pushed the accessories really hard today, and I was actually quite tired (and pumped) by the end of the workout

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[quote]BlackLabel wrote:
Howd ya like your first cycle of 5/3/1?[/quote]

It went pretty well. The reason I did started it was because of the flexibility of the workouts, because I knew I was gonna be busy with school work and sports for the first few weeks of school. I had a few weeks where I only had time for 2 workouts, so I would combine the MP/DL and the Squat/Bench. I was pretty impressed with my numbers rep wise for the Bench, MP, and Squat. It will be interesting to see how this type of training will carry over to my 1rm’s. I’m planning to keep doing 5/3/1 until Xmas time. At this point, I will reevaluate, set some new goals, and decide what I want to do training-wise in the future. Thanks for the question brotha.

Looking good, hitting awesome reps for your weights too. Keep up with it (5/3/1) at least until x-mas, and as long as it’s working, keep at it. Oh, and 25 pullups for 4 sets? Shit man, that’s sick!

How do you like combining two “big” workouts of 5.3.1 so far?

Oh, and don’t neglect the deload week, it won’t seem necessary at first, but you’ll start to plateu if you don’t take a week to back off and recover.


x2 what Ink said, if you are running something like 5/3/1, you gotta have your deloads.

Inkaddict- Thanks for the the encouragement man. As for the pullups, I’ve always been pretty good at them, and my low body fat doesn’t hurt. My first cycle of 5/3/1 went well, so I’m gonna keep bumping the numbers up and see how high I can go. As for combining the two “big” workouts, I’d say that I’m not going to do it if I have time for 4 workouts in a week, but I hit some decent numbers when combining an upper body main movement with a lower body main movement. I skipped the deload this week honestly because I felt really good yesterday and felt like starting a new cycle right away. I’ve never had problems with recovery and I’m still young, but I understand that deloading is part of 5/3/1. I will probably take one after this upcoming cycle and may settle into a one deload / 2 cycles approach, but we’ll see how my body holds up and how I am doing numbers wise.

Dixie- That’s prolly some good advice. Like I said to Inkaddict, I will probably settle into a 1 deload/ 2 cycles if my numbers continue to hold up. If they stall, I might switch to 1 deload per cycle and work in some explosive/ olympic lifting during the deload weeks. Thanks for stopping in though, dude. Are you also doing 5/3/1?

Deadlift Day: Cycle 2, Week 1

6 minute abs (crunches, deadbugs, forward reaches, front plank, side plank, other side)-- all for a minute each

Hang Clean: 135x3, 185x1, 205x1

Deadlift: 270x5, 320x5, 360x7

Good Mornings: 155x8,8,8
-paired with
SL RDL: 135x 5 a side, 5 a side, 5 a side

Bulgarian Split Squat: 135x5 a side, 5 a side,
-paired with
BB Rollouts: 10 , 10

Not the greatest lift today, but it can’t be awesome everyday…

Squat/ Military Press Cycle 3, Week 1:

-Squat: 210x5, 240x5, 270x8… Note: On the last rep with 210 I pulled a back muscle- probably because my form was lax, but it was decently painful, and it probably hindered the rest of my workout at least a little bit. hopefully it will be better in time for deadlifts next week

-Military: 115x5, 135x5, 150x8

Accessory Stuff:

-Bench: 135x3, 185x3, 225x1, 245x1, 265x1, 225x1x5

-Reverse Lunge, followed by Jump Squat: 135 x 3 a side, then 3 jump squats… I did this 3 times

-Reverse Lunge: 135x10 a side

[quote]socrplyr09 wrote:
Dixie- That’s prolly some good advice. Like I said to Inkaddict, I will probably settle into a 1 deload/ 2 cycles if my numbers continue to hold up. If they stall, I might switch to 1 deload per cycle and work in some explosive/ olympic lifting during the deload weeks. Thanks for stopping in though, dude. Are you also doing 5/3/1?


I have run 5/3/1 before, right now I am just using the scheme for deadlift. Its a solid program.

Dixie- Aight thanks for letting me know… lookin thick in your pic btw…