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Strength/Skill Thibarmy Program for Figure Girl?



I’m not sure if here is the site to ask to you, but I read you use the program with one of your Figure girls. We got your programs and I’m gonna apply with my wife as well because it seems could match very well.

For Figure, what changes on the program would you do targeting shoulders/rear, back and glutes? Pecs for her is a no-no.

Thanks as always


The strength skill program is not how I train her all the time. I used it for 6 weeks in off-season mode. I used 3 weekly strength skill circuits and 3 body part workouts focusing on 2 weaknesses (we did shoulders and back for 3 weeks and arms for 3 weeks).

Her training style changes every 6 weeks so it is incorrect to say that the SKC is how I train figure girls. It’s part of the process (when it is adequate for the person) but it is not the only tool we use