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Strength Skill Starting Percentage


Hi Christian,
I have been doing your strenght skill program for the last two weeks. I started with 85% of my 1 RM on all lift. I replaced bench with incline bench and snatch with snatch grip high pull.

The first week was great but the last week killed my grip. My entire arms from shoulder to slightly below my elbow joint hurt bad for an hour after the workout. I can barely complete the last sets of clean. My legs and lower back on the other hand are not even sore, but I feel them bigger and harder.

I really enjoy the format and the results. In around 30 min I complete a my lifting and conditionning. What would you recommend for the next cycle. I was thinking of reseting all lift at 80% and restart progression from there to let my grip strength catch up. Could my sub lift be the problem?

My stats are 1m80 92kg 43 yo. My lifting weights are in pounds during the last cycle I used 370 for squat, 195 on incline, 190 on clean, 365 dead, 160 press, 200 on snatch grip high pull. I use strap on the dead this week because my grip was shot. I train 6 times a week


85% is too heavy to start on the snatch. The olympic lifts do not respond to the same loading percentages as the strength lifts because of their accelerative nature. Sure you will be able to “do the lifts” but it will eventually become counterproductive. I would actually start at 75% on the olympic lift/explosive lifts


Thanks, I will reset and give it another try


Just to share my experience. I reset and stopped using strap on deadlift and I no longer feel pain in my arms at the end of the workout. I suspect straps were part of the problem. I feel they were putting too much pressure around my wrist.


Could be… also could be that the straps prevent you from contracting the arms properly (staying tight and rigid) which makes for more pull against the tendons and joints.


Yes that’s it. I felt that my arms where not tight enough during the lift


Always create spiral tension loading when deadlifting. Grab the bar hard, set up, then externally rotate the shoulders (trying to show your biceps to someone in front of you) while tensing the lats… always squeeze the bar hard


One of my main problem with the strap is that I become lazy and don’t squeeze as hard the bar. I probably have others, I am self taught and training in my garage.


I think it’s a natural instinct with the straps… they can enhance your grip but should not become a crutch