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Strength-Skill Schedule


Hi CT,

In your Sthenght-Skill TRAINING SPLIT you suggest that we should train using a 3 days on/1 day off schedule. But my gym doesn’t open on Sundays. Is it ok to use a 6 days on/1 day off or will it generate to much fatigue? Do you have any other suggestion?

Thanks for your patience and all the excellent work.


You will honestly have to see. Some people can handle it, some can’t. I know it’s a lousy answer but it’s the truth.

Depending on your neurological profile, work schedule, experience, age, hormonal level, etc. you could thrive or crash training 6 days a week. Even with all the good intended memes or philosophical sayings, men are, sadly, not created equal


Hi Fabio,

I have been using the 6 day on schedule with added hypertrophy. I am in my 40s, 2 kids, a fairly demanding work schedule. Generally, I find that I can do about 6 weeks straight, or somewhere between 35-40 workouts before I start to run down. Generally, I build in some strategic deloading in Weeks 7 and 8 or I just drop the added hypertrophy. I am also looking at possibly adjusting to a 4 day approach to see if that helps. Basically, you just need to try it and see how your body responds


Guys, thanks a lot. I’ll try the 6 day on schedule for a while and see how my body responds to it.


No problem. One word of caution is to be real careful with determining the addtional optional work after the strength/skill. CT cautioned about making this into a full scale hypertrophy program and he was right. I added too much initially and it ended up tiring me out much faster. Generally, if you are going to do hypertrophy, choose one problem area to target per day, and do only 1-2 exercises to failure. For me, now I focus on the V-taper areas, so I hit one exercise only per day for arms, chest, lats and outer thighs.