Strength/Skill Program on a Cut?


I was wondering if the Strength/skill program featured on Thibarmy would be suitable for a ~3 months cut.
Obviously I know I wouldn’t reap the most benefits of the program, I just want to lose fat and keep as much muscle and strength as possible.

Thanks in advance

Yes, in fact I used this approach with a figure girl I’m training and she actually kept on gaining some muscle while being on a fat loss diet.

All right, thank you very much! See you in three months with pics and feedback, that I’m sure will be positive, since all your other programs worked greatly for me :slight_smile:

i would conclude training session with 10-15 minutes of loaded carries instead of hypertrophy work for fat loss purposes. something like five rounds of 80m farmers walk+40m rack walk+1 minute rest or 80m OH Walk+40m Zecher Walk+1 minute rest

Yes Medts I’m planning on doing the hypertrophy work three days a week and carries the other three!