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Strength Skill Circuits​


Hi coach, I’m thinking to start a the modified program you made of 3 circuits and rotate them.
1 back squat-Military press- Pull ups
2 Dead lift- Bench press- chin UPS
3 Snatch grip high pull or snatch- Incline Bench press - neutral grip pull ups.
I will do it 4-5 x week rotating them.
My question is about hypertrophy excercises. My lagging parts are uper chest, side delts and arms. Do yo think is a good idea just focus on upper chest and side delts (growth factor width)? Biceps will get a lot of work with the pulls, but I’m not sure about triceps.


You can’t really isolate the upper chest… well you can emphasize it more but I personally would not waste time focusing on it. It is mostly a genetic/muscle insertion and dominance thing. I would focus on delts and arms, alternating days


Okey thanks. So 1st day 1 or 2 excercises for delts, 2nd day 1 for triceps and 1 for bíceps and repeat ir split bíceps and triceps in diferent workouts?


do biceps and triceps together as a superset