Strength Skill Circuit Method Program Adjustment

Hi CT,
After completing your ‘Power Look Program’ with great results, after a week off, I’m looking at changing my training stimulus by incorporating more frequency with main lifts, with your ‘Strength Skill Circuit Method’ the perfect fit, particularly psychologically.

I can’t commit to 6 training days a week, but I can do 5 days, but I was looking at manipulating the program slightly by doing the Strength Skill Circuit following the 4 days a week protocol while adding a 5th day implementing the ‘Manual Labour’ workout from your ‘Russian Strength Skill’ workout.

Thought this could be a positive 5th day add on to change up the weekly stimulus particularly mentally, while also providing a 3rd day per week to work on my weak lifts, which for me is the Bench Press & Squat.

Appreciate your thoughts on this,


I see no issues with that. It should work very well

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Thanks CT, looking forward to getting started with this program.