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Strength-Skill Circuit For Combat Athletes?

Hi Coach,
what are your thoughts on the strength-skill circuit for a combat athletes leading up to a fight?

I think it will be ideal as its easier on recovery, but still allows them to maintain strength and drop some weight (replacing the hypertrophy portion for carries or sprints). How would you modify it for training only 2 x per week? Just do 1 x A & B session as written, or would doing the same session twice in the week be better?

Thanks in advance

Anybody done this 2 x per week? Any feedback much appreciated!

Yeah it’s a good plan for fighters since it is a low neural stress program. Now, replacing the hypertrophy work by loaded carries can either be a very good or VERY bad idea.

At the right “dosage” the carries will definitely help performance. But if one is using it specifically for fat loss it WILL backfire for a fighter who is in a caloric deficit, trying to lose weight. Understand that they are already doing A LOT of energy systems work in their training. Ring work torches your energy levels. Adding too much extra conditioning work when calories are restricted could have a big negative impact on performance.

Don’t get me wrong, simply by training the loaded carries for performance (short sets, heavier weights, not too many sets) you will also have a positive change in body comp. But if you use them like you would for a regular guy wanting to lose weight it will bite you in the arse.

Now, as far as doing it twice per week, that is far from ideal since this system is based on high frequency work. So if you HAVE to do it only twice, use the same exercises at both sessions.

thanks coach