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Strength/Size Program: First Exercise All Out, Not Rest-Pause?


I bought the strength and size program from thibarmy.
Just wondering why the 1st exercise / main lift of each workout is just done for one all out set as apposed to doing it as a rest pause.


To minimize neural stress since the fact that you are going heavy already has a high neural component


Thank you. Now I also see that the other strength program for a natural on your blog consists of a set rep range like 3 sets of 3 at 80% as apposed to going all out for one set at 80 % for the main lift.
Which one do you recommend and could they be rotated after a few cycles?


based on strength-skill (the multiple sets) and one is based more on structural changes. Yes both can be alternated.


So if I understand correctly the multiple sets option is to get better at the lift, while the one all out set is to increase strength and muscle size and tendon strength?

In your experience if a person just wanted to get as strong as possible on the main lifts, does one work better in your opionion?

Thank you.


The program is a general one. If I am training someone specifically to get stronger in few lifts my approach is different and I will use both methods (as well as some others) for that lift.

Right now I’m training to get my bench back up. So I train the bench twice per week and use 3 or even 4 methods at each session.