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Strength Shops in NYC?


Hey guys.

Got a mate flying out to NYC for a week and hes looking to pick up some stuff for the gym while hes there. Weightlifting shoes being top of the list.

Wheres best for him to go?



I know this great place called Starbucks in NYC where they usually have free WiFi. Tell your friend he must get to Starbucks and use their wifi for free (better than paying right?). From there, he should visit the internet and pick the weightlifting shoes of his choosing. They will ship the shoes to him back home or, if he's game, he can camp out at Starbucks and have them ship them directly - although he might be there a few days.


Ive never seen O-lifting shoes in stores around here.

Im sure he could find some Cole Haan boots on 5th ave though. Those sort of look like weightlifting shoes.


Problem being home is the UK, and shipping is really expensive hence why he wants to buy in NYC and bring them home in his luggage


No shops in the entire of NYC that sell lifting shoes?

Home is UK so the shipping is silly, buying them in NYC will be cheaper than buying them here.


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Hey, tell him to go to Adidas in SoHo (right on Houston and Broadway).

They have the red Adipowers right in the store. Can try them on and walk around, which I recommend, as the sizing is a little off.

Plus it's in in SoHo, which, if you have a functioning set of testis, is a great place to be.