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Strength Shoes for Speed?

I posted a few things on here last year and you guys were very helpful. I’m hoping that you guys can help me out here one more time. Last year I attended an American football pro tryout (combine) and I was told that I was too slow to compete at that level (4.7 sec in the 40 yd. dash). I’ll be attending another combine in the middle of june and I want to improve my speed for this one, if possible. I definately want to improve my speed for next year. Does anyone here know if Strength Shoes, or Jump Soles actually deliver the .3-.5 second improvement in the 40 yd. dash that they promise?

My reccomendation would be to hook up with a track coach for the next two months. You can cut huge time off of your 40 if you improve your technique. Especially if this is a pro shot I’d spend the money.

Do you snatch?

checkout charlie francis Charlie is a great track coach. His GPP DVD is really good. Probably enough for anyone interested in sport and not track.

You may also want to contact coach davies. His teams tend to be very fast. You could PM him here or email him. He is full of information, and very helpful.

I forgot the actual question, sorry.

Jump soles are gimmicks. Save your money for something that could really help you out.

i never used any of those crappy shoes, but alot of people including someone i know have torn their achilles using them.

The heel strike is an important part of the gait cycle. Do these shoes allow your heels to strike the ground?

Plus, there are implications in terms of pronation/supination problems in force absorption and propulsion if you overuse them.

You need to consider your 10-yard split time as well; it’ll determine whether you need more reactive or maximal strength.

.3 - .5 seconds off your 40. So you would be running a 4.2 after you were done?

Thanks for all the help everyone. I have considered hiring a track coach. I guess there’s no reason not to it will help me in the long run. I was just wondering if any good would come of buying strength shoes.