Strength Routine?

Would like criticism on strength training template I put together for myself. I get good results with frequent pulling and squating. Want to apply these principals to upperbody training. Exercise pairing have also worked well for me. I will be altering the loading, sets and reps, and rest period. Routine will be performed using principals of conjugated and undulated training. I am not a powerlifter, I am training for athletic performance. Looking to get stronger, more powerfull, and gain lean mass.

Here’s the template:

Day 1 - Lower Body

  1. Heavy Squat
  2. Dynamic or Repetition Pull
  3. Posterior Chain
    A1. Pullup Variation
    A2. Abs
    B1 Sing Leg
    B2. Rear Delt
    Prehab Work

Day 2 - Upper Body

  1. Heavy Bench
  2. Dynamic or Repetition Vertical Push
  3. Clean Variation
    A1. Dumbbell Bench Variation
    A2. Barbell Row Variation
    B1. Tricep Extension
    B2. Bicep/Forearm Work
    Prehab Work

Day 3 - Lower Body

  1. Heavy Pull
  2. Dynamic or Repetition Squat
  3. Quad Dominant
    A1. Pullup Variation
    A2. Abs
    B1 Calf/Dorsiflexion
    B2. Rear Delt
    Prehab Work

Day 4 - Upper Body

  1. Heavy Vertical Push
  2. Dynamic or Repetition Bench
  3. Snatch Variation
    A1. Dumbbell Vertical Push
    A2. Seated or Chest Supported Rows
    B1. Tricep Push
    B2. Bicep/Forearm Work
    Prehab Work

Thanks for taking a look at this.

Reps and sets? Need an idea of the volume.

Where is your speed work? you are going heavy everyday, thats tough after a while, also your falling into “the doing everything at one speed thing” you can’t only train on one one plane and expect total performance.

Workout is good and if applied very aggessively it should help but check into explosive power moves such as powercleans, snatches, ball throws, even plyometrics should help all the intense training, wish you well.

oh yeah! I forgot to tell you that I have found that speed is best done at least 48 hours apart from max effort.

[quote]moonjumper wrote:
Where is your speed work?

If you notice, on each Lower Day 1 he does a heavy movement and then does Lower Day 2’s heavy as dynamic. Same with Upper Day 1 and 2.

This is a fair enough way to break things up, although you must respect the fact that you are doing 2 heavy and 2 dynamic session (for lower body) in one week. As such, compared to a tradition Westside standard template, you’ll want to cut the volume half in each of these (both the max and dynamic movement). For example, instead of 8x3 of dynamic, you might do 4x3.

Consider this a starting point (doing half). If that seems easy after a week, add a set. If it is still easy, add a set. If you get a week that’s too hard, go back to the prior weeks sets and see how that treats you.

Also, after you sort out your max/dynamic work, you may find that you need less in the way of supplements. Your max vertical pressing (military pressing) will hit your ant. delts and your triceps. As such, you may reduce or eliminate some of that supplemental/accessory work (depending on your weak points).

Try not to manipulate both the max/dynamic and supplemental stuff at the same time until you have an idea of how they work individually. Too many variables and you won’t be able to sort things out.


I wouldn’t squat and deadlift heavy every week. You can do it quite a bit, but not all the time.